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About Elecnovo

ELECNOVO is engaged in Design, Development and Supply of Intelligent, Efficient and Reliable electric motors and controllers for electric vehicles (EV). Based in Bangalore, India, elecnovo team consists of motor experts, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical designers and manufacturing experts. Elecnovo powertrain applications are electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric three wheelers and electric four wheelers. Elecnovo is an iniative of R & D in India and Make in India.

Driving Green Mobility

Driving Green Mobility

Elecnovo Technology & Solutions

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  • reliability-icon
    High Reliability

    Robust design and construction

  • efficiency-icon
    Efficient Operation

    Optimized performance and intelligent control

  • low-price-icon
    Lower Total Cost

    Optimized performance, compact design and locally supplied.

  • power-density
    High Power Density

    Optimized performance and high efficiency.

  • indian-development
    Indegeniously Developed

    Indigenous design, development and supply.

  • user-experience
    Better User Experience

    Intelligent controls to improve user experience.

Elecnovo Products

Elecnovo Offers a very wide range of motors and controllers for various electric vehicles. The motors are designed, developed and tested to meet required performance and reliability in accordance with real-life conditions. Elecnovo offers differentiations on compactness, lightweight, efficiecny, reliability and intelligence.

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These motors are designed to achieve low power electric vehicles like electric bicycles and electric scooters

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These motors are designed to achieve high power electric scooters applications

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These motors are designed to achieve medium to high power electric motor cycles and light commercial vehicles

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10 kW BLDC

These motors are designed to meet the requirements of small electric cars and commercial vehicles