Why Elecnovo?

At ELECNOVO we are building the heart of future transportation: the powertrain drive for Electric vehicles. Designed and manufactured for Indian conditions and Indian drivers in mind. These Elecnovo powertrains are very intelligent, efficient and reliable and they are R&D in INDIA. These smart power-trains are going to drive electric mobility in India. Elecnovo power-train innovations ensure a sustainable route to energy-efficiency and modern mobility. If you want to work in a challenging environment of technology, design, electronics, software, mechanics and control, then Elecnovo is the right place for you.
Elecnovo provides excellent working conditions for leadership and creativity development with modern facilities and appropriate guidance. We also provide necessary guidance to develop good lifestyle and health habits. Elecnovo environment is filled with positive vibes where an individual can experience their work with a relaxed mind. We continuosly guide you in all ways and bring growth to your career.